Look Out Bello: What Could Possibly Take the Place of La Strada?

The new wrapper on what used to be a For Lease sign in front of the former La Strada restaurant building at the corner of Westheimer and Taft mentions lunch and dinner, but not brunch. The name of the new tenant: Caffe Bello.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I give it six months before the “chi-chi” Tony Vallone crowd realizes Montrose is many things but “chi-chi” is not one of them.

  • So – Italian food?

  • Does Tony Vallone really think he’s exacting any revenge by coming to Montrose? Sorry, but Da Marco and Mark’s are far better than any Tony Vallone establishment (both former protege’s of his). Tony is a little past his prime to say the least. Rumor is his son Joey (the one who sued his own father and lost) will be running the establishment. If true, you might as well keep calling it La Strada because it will be a club and not a restaurant.

  • I’ve always felt “Vallone” was overrated and overpriced. But people go simply to see and be seen. And in the old days, to drop enough money to warrant a mention in Maxine Mesinger’s column.

  • Who says this is a Vallone restaurant? Tony’s son Jeff owns Ciao Bello in the Galleria. Is this an offshoot? Can someone cite where they got the Vallone involvment on this thing?

  • Thanks Nora.

    Good for them. They were going to open a restaurant on the second floor of the River Oaks Shopping Center — you may recall the balcony brouhaha — but backed out when the recession hit.

    Whether you think Tony’s is overrated or not, Tony was a trailblazer in this city when it came to fine dining. The guy and his family know how to run a restaurant and I’m happy to see what should be another solid restaurant in Montrose. Be thankful it’s not Fertitta.