Lounging Around: A Thicker Idea for Center and Washington

Section of Proposal for Center St. between Sawyer and Sabine by Taizo Horikawa

Landscape students attack the Washington Ave. Corridor! A modest proposal for widening Washington and Center St. between Sawyer and Sabine — from LSU student and SWA summer intern Taizo Horikawa:

During Week 3 I focused on the area along Washington Avenue between Sawyer Street and Sabine Street, pushing the idea of Colors of Ribbons forward. The underused area between Washington Avenue and Center Street is developed as a human-scale, vibrant commercial area with two-story commercial buildings. The north-side sidewalk of Washington Avenue is widened to be 30 feet with a row of shade trees. It works as linear plaza where people spill out from the commercial buildings and lounge around.

After the jump: one-way streets!


Plan of Washington Corridor Between Sawyer and Sabine Showing Proposed One-Way Streets

What’s the big idea?

Diagram of Washington Ave. Corridor from Memorial Park to Downtown

Drawings: Taizo Horikawa, SWA

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  • duh.. I’ve said to put light rail down Washington for years.. I guess they finally found my suggestion.. With the density of new builds going on down there, it would be gold..

    but of course the politicians won’t listen to little ol’ zip.. :P