Low Speed Ahead for Electric Shuttles

LOW SPEED AHEAD FOR ELECTRIC SHUTTLES Jilted by the city’s recently altered jitney ordinance — which shuts out new vehicles for hire that have fewer than 9 seats — Rev Eco-Shuttle founder Erik Ibarra is cheering on a long-promised “Low Speed Shuttles” ordinance that would allow him to expand his (6-seater) electric-vehicle service, which currently serves Downtown, Midtown, and Washington Ave. If the city’s development and regulatory affairs committee approves a draft of this new ordinance this morning, it’ll go before city council for a vote soon. The new regulations would cover 4-to-8-passenger vehicles that move slower than 25 mph — including pedicabs. Update, 1 pm: The committee approved the draft. [Hair Balls; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Rev Eco-Shuttle

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