Lower Westheimer Ruggles Grill Replacement Almost Ready for Its East Hampton Sandwich and Velvet Taco-ing

A half-decade after the demolition of its on-site predecessors, the retail building replacing the former Ruggles Grill at 903 Westheimer Rd. just east of Montrose Blvd. is almost complete. Going inside the new 6,536-sq.-ft. structure across from Uchi: a couple of Dallas imports.

On the right, on the side closer to the Smoothie King drive-thru, will go the first out-of-Dallas location of the East Hampton Sandwich Company chain. On the left, next to the side parking lot and the Woman’s Home’s Cottage Shop, will be the second Houston location of Velvet Taco. Sandwiched between them is a 1,120-sq.-ft. space that appears to be still available, according to leasing documents — perhaps for a third wheat-wrapped-lunch spot of north Texas origin.

A 57-spot parking lot wraps around and in back of the building:


Velvet Taco will have a 900-sq.-ft. dining patio upstairs; the rest of the building is single-story.

Photo: Brie Kelman. Rendering and site plan: Edge Realty Partners

Dallas Comes to Montrose

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  • It is a big improvement over the empty lot and I like all the parking, but why does it remind me of a dentist’s office?

  • Great new development taking advantage of the City’s performance standards by making development more urban and walkable!

  • OK. That is a nice building. Kind of reminds me of a project I did in my first year of architecture school-but a lot less busy.

  • 57 parking spots…in Montrose…an area that that keeps increasing population density and has some of the highest walkability factors in Houston. For a city that doesn’t like regulation, I can never wrap my head around the parking requirements…