Lyric Market’s Out-of-State Draw; Harvey Cleanup Workers Still Waiting To Get Paid

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Regarding 5th Ward Grocery Store – ““Yeah, we forced him (to build a grocery), but we weren’t trying to set him up to fail,” Davis said, stressing that the subsidies will go to the grocer, not Liu. ” This definitely isnt how capitalism should work…. So will this grocer be dead in under 5 years? Also, Liu has a lot of land in the area, i wonder what kind of deals he cut for this.

  • The city subsidizes grocery stores and the like ‘all the time’ says councilman Davis, flippantly. Because the neighborhood didn’t like the Fiesta? The area is hardly a food desert; wasn’t there some objective criteria? Sorry, what was I thinking, this is pure pork.