Made in the Flashing Shade: HMNS’s Dizzying Expansion

The easily queased may want to stay away from this video of the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s new Duncan Family Wing — maybe wait until this time next year when all the giant carnivores are installed and snarling at each other and things are a little more settled down. For the rest of you, this time-lapse project shows Linbeck’s construction work since last April on the just-under 200,000-sq.-ft. dinosaur-sized expansion. Enjoy this kind of action? The museum promises the $34 million building, designed by Gensler, will include the most mounted Tyrannosaurus Rex ever assembled in one place, as well 3 more carefully animated scenes showing the ancient sea floor, where “fossils will come to life” — though likely at a less frenetic, more dinosaur-friendly pace.

Video: HMNS

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  • I am loving this! Who added the music? Its perfect.

  • I got a little shiver of excitement everytime there was an instant concrete pour in the video.

    But then, I love watching concrete poured in real time.

  • If you are prone to epileptic seizures, watching this video may be detrimental to your health…but pretty cool none-the-less.

  • Someone keeps climbing up to the camera and spraying water on the lens. Couldn’t be rain. We haven’t seen any in ages.

  • geez, buildings are complicated!

  • Awesome. I love how the structure ends up IN YO FACE!

  • Fun! And so easy to put it up so quickly when there were only four instances of rain in eight months of construction.