Main St. Feng Shui Rock Gives Up the Fight; Wichita St. Sha Chi Running Wild Again

The big rock hanging out on the Main St. sidewalk in front of the former Weldon Cafeteria building next to the Lawndale Art Center has vanished! The Houston office of architecture firm BNIM had placed the thing there this summer — in consultation with a Feng Shui master — to combat the negative energy lumbering down Wichita St. and pointed straight at the company’s first-floor studio space. Its lease up at the end of August, BNIM jumped ship to new offices in that sorta leafy mid-seventies office park at 4200 Westheimer between Highland Village and BoConcept — all under cover of the protective services provided by that real-as-life crag the company got from San Jacinto Stone:


Once all the architects and their belongings were safely evacuated, the rock was whisked away . . . somewhere.

The Wichita Sha Chi is now free to wreak havoc on the new offices of the hapless architecture firm taking BNIM’s place at 4916 Main St.: Pfluger Associates. That company is completing its buildout now. Meanwhile, from over on Westheimer, a view of BNIM’s new rock-free digs:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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