Make Your Reservations Now for the Crowne Plaza Implosion

Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Texas Medical Center

Update: Demo pics, videos, and more are now here.

Who says real estate isn’t a spectator sport? There’s nothing that brings out crowds of dedicated fans early in the morning like a good ol’ fashioned Houston building implosion.

This weekend, you’ll be able to combine your demolition obsession with a romantic weekend getaway at the Medical Center Holiday Inn — where, from the comfort of your own room (if you can reserve one facing north), you’ll be able to start your Sunday morning with a bang.

At 7:10 on November 11th, the Crowne Plaza Hotel across the street at 6701 Main will come down in a cloud of dust, to the cheers of onlookers able to sneak into prime viewing areas — such as the south side of the soon-to-be-the-former John O’Quinn Medical Tower. If you’re an explosives fan but don’t have that kind of access to medical-office space, you can try the view from Southgate, east of Travis.

Fannin and Main Streets will be closed from Dryden to Holcombe starting at 6:30 a.m.

What’s the best spot for viewing the Cherry Demolition job?


On HAIF, spikey2 provides a tip:

The Holiday Inn across the street will have a roof top breakfast party to allow invited guest to witness the implosion