Making a Killen out of the Old Stella Sola Spot

MAKING A KILLEN OUT OF THE OLD STELLA SOLA SPOT A whole bunch more tables will be added to the restaurant Ronnie Killen is opening up at 1001 Studewood St. in the Heights, last known as the location of Stella Sola. Also, the name hasn’t quite been decided yet: either Killen’s Steakhouse in the Heights or KS2. Other details in Patrice Shuttlesworth’s report from the ready-to-demo interior: There will be outdoor dining on a new rooftop garden, accessible by elevator; and the floorplan will be mixed up a bit, with the front door and meat locker both relocated. Killen hopes to have the place open by the middle of next month. [Eating Our Words; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Stella Sola

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  • not sure how they’re going to access the roof by elevator. it currently only goes to the second floor, with all the mechanicals on top. poor design by Robert Gadsby.

  • It takes 6-8 weeks to get a permit for a restaurant, even if it is minor renovations. Unless, of course he is skipping that step….

  • Just went to Killen’s this weekend in Pearland. We really like that the food is true traditional steakhouse fare but always with a little Killen touch. Although the food was worth the short drive to Pearland, we are very excited to have a location close to where we live. I also think this will be a great addition for the Heights.