Making a Killen’s in Pearland; The Ashby Highrise Verdict Effect

rice-university-stadium-parking lot

Photo of Rice University from Rice Stadium: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • This hideous aberration is enough reason to RUN from the Heights. Who designs this shit?

  • As I’ve predicted years ago, the old guard Heights residents who held out on principles and obscure “community values” are finally seeing the writing on the wall, THEY are no longer welcome in the Heights AND the Heights is not what it was they stuck up for in the first place anyway.

  • I dont like the look, but at least they tried something a little different.

  • Ashby solution: Pass an ordinance that basically says you can only build a building with a certain height or dwelling density equal to the highest/densest building within something like an eighth of a mile. This would appease the Tower of Terror activists who wouldn’t see a highrise in their lifetime. It would also help the urbanists who want a walkable Houston – by forcing density to develop in clusters instead of islands in the middle of tract housing neighborhoods, we might actually get a walkable city.

  • People who don’t look, act, and think like us are moving into the Heights! Oh no! And chain stores? Eww gross! Time to move!

  • Montrosetravelboy: ” Pending Continue to Show”