Making Bank and Possibly Jenni’s Noodles in Greenway Plaza

3773 Richmond Ave., Greenway, Houston, 77046

A reader sends this fresh snap of the in-progress tower towering at 3773 Richmond Ave, where a glass skin is now growing on the northern facade. Those top stories now getting glassed in will be occupied by out-of-the-region Regions Bank; the compound will be named Regions Financial Center to match.

The 11-story office tower just west of Timmons Ln. has been working on looming dramatically over next-door single-story hand carwash Soap since December of 2014, and is expected to wrap up some time next quarter. In the meanwhile, here’s a video tour of what the whole thing could look like — including a cameo appearance by a Jenni’s Noodle Shop in a ground-floor retail spot (around 30 seconds in):


And here’s a rendering of the whole complex from the Richmond side, all skinned up:

Rendering of Regions Financial Center, 3773 Richmond Ave., Greenway, Houston, 77046

Images: Carlos Machado via Swamplot inbox (photo), Philip Ewald Architects (renderings)

Regions on Richmond

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  • Jenni’s Noodle Shop! Is she bringing the frozen pineapple chunks she serves in cold soup from the original location on St. Emanuel?

  • Jenni’s blah. I can drive 5 minutes to that already. Maybe next door can be a Mattress Firm.

  • I’ve had better noodles from a packet from Hmart, that place is so bland and boring I have no idea how they stay in business and the employees at the post oak location are awful. Angry curry my posterior, I’ve had more aggressive hospital food.