Making More Splash in Pasadena

MAKING MORE SPLASH IN PASADENA The Pasadena city council got together last week to have a look at a $4 million plan that would expand the community pool at Strawberry Park on Lafferty Rd. and Parkside Dr. into something a bit splashier, reports the Pasadena Citizen: “Progressive Commercial Aquatics’ Steve Davis explained the success public and private entities have had with water parks, including nearby Pirates Bay, owned by the City of Baytown. In Davis’ plan for Pasadena, the . . . project would add a new bath house, ‘lazy river,’ concession area, multiple shaded areas and lots of other pool features.” But not all council members were sold. Says Pat Van Houte: “To me, it’s not really a priority. I would look at the economics of, ‘How much is this going to cost long run?’” [Pasadena Citizen] Drawing: Progressive Commercial Aquatics

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  • Public amenities to improve the quality of life is not a priority for City Council members. C’mon now. What is a priority???

  • If you’ve driven any of the neighborhoods on the north side of Pasadena, you would see what the real priority of this city needs to be. While quality of life improvements are nice, a road that resembles an off road track in a residential neighborhood is unacceptable.

    Not to mention the flooding issues that continue to be a problem in parts of Pasadena.

  • Seriously? I think she needs a new publicist. Funny I just posted earlier on the “Dome” thread about the lack of innovative thinking by our elected reps. Pasadena should embrace this idea with open arms, anyone who lives in Houston, knows what we think about Pasadena. How about less pollution and toxic waste and more community enhancement? Really that has to be the dumbest comment anyone has said in a long while. With Adam on this one

  • How dare elected representatives concern themselves with cost.

  • Cashadena!!!! Chemical City G’s!!!!