Making Quick Art of the Tavern on Gray

What’s that? The metal scrap heap formerly known as the Tavern on Gray (and before that, Blue Agave and several other temporary food-and-drink installations). Coming next to the corner of West Gray and Waugh: this 5-story Hanover West Gray apartment complex. The Tavern on Gray is now the Tavern on Milam, at 3017 Milam in Midtown.

More reader pics of the North Montrose scene the bar left behind, from over the weekend and early this week:


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • That top photo is great. Looks like an art installation.

  • The Blue Moose was my favorite of the restaurants that were in there.

  • I’m going to miss that place. I didn’t go there a whole lot, but 75 cent beer specials, occasionally there were young female students that were working thier way through school by wrestling in pudding, and outdoor pool tables. That place was fun.

  • It looks better now

  • i would have to believe the house next door was left saying “take me, take me!” when this deal went down. Commercial house or no, having a business ON Gray is just a bad business plan. Turning awkwardly across a narrow street with 25,000+ cars per day to a distressed driveway and hoping for 1 of 4 parking spaces is a tough sell to this guy.

    Hanover is an A++ developer if you are a fan of the corporate apartment world, and more of the same if you are a champion of the boutique apartment dreamers.

    I would say I hope the Hanover development + Richland development (ballet building) would include some much needed infrastructure work along Gray, but this is Houston.

    Driving on smooth streets of 7 lane boulevards around Dallas, I missed the off-road adventure of Houston. Or not.