Mall of the Mainland Mostly Closing; Pedestrian Preview for the Grand Pkwy.


Photo of the Susanne construction, 3803 Dunlavy: Allyn West


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  • I am a Chronicle subscriber and I dislike the fact that I have to login to read articles on their website. It does not make me feel privileged or special. It irritates me. The random exclusivity of content is going to ultimately kill the Chronicle and the Galveston paper. They have to find another way, If I , as a subscriber, get aggravated enough that I refuse to login to read content then what does that say about the model. I can’t be alone.

  • When is enough enough with the dome? Private proposals have gained little traction, the ideas are too pie in the sky or cannot come up with funding. Obviously the public doesn’t want to pay for any redevelopment either. The only logical option is demolition.