Mama Fu’s Making Houston Debut in W. Gray Shopping Center

Another Austin chain is moving inside the Loop: Mama Fu’s Asian House, which appears to pull its menu items indiscriminately from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Korea, is replacing the former Souper Salad at 1574 W. Gray. About a year ago, franchisee Steve Chappelear — who also owns 8 Buffalo Wild Wings here — said he was planning to open 18 Mama Fu’s in Houston; this would be the first.

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  • Well if there is one thing that Austin is known for, it’s world class Asian food. (yes, I am being sarcastic)

  • How is it that this strip mall is still standing? This has to be the most underperforming piece of real estate inside the loop. Various eateries have come and gone on the part by Marshall’s, most of the stores are junk and it took years to replace Souper Salad. This is a huge property in a key area. Stop the leasing. Start the wrecking ball.

  • While I went to bat for Doc’s, and still maintain that Houston and Austin aren’t that different overall, I wouldn’t touch this one. There are approximate 950,000 great Asian restaurants in Houston already; Mama Fu’s at 950,001 will be the city’s most mediocre.

  • Mama didn’t raise no Fu!

  • @Old School totally agree !!! Really needs to be redeveloped

  • 18 sounds a little saturated for anything other than a Starbucks.

  • Houston City Council needs to pass an ordinance to keep everything Austin in Austin

  • Quite frankly, I’m at a bit of a loss how we can sit around and knock a local (Texas) brand choosing to branch out to other cities. There has been so much complaining about
    Austin restaurants coming in and yet I fail to see the problem with this. When was the last time y’all started soap-boxing about a Chili’s or Applebees being developed because its “not Houston?” This is someone’s brand. A fellow Texan no less. How about we try being supportive for once. /rant

    As for the complex…yeah. I’ve got nothing. Great location but a complete black hole when I think of destinations.

  • Edit: May be a larger chain than previously anticipated, however the opinion still stands regarding Austin/Dallas/San Antonio/etc businesses coming here.

  • “How is it that this strip mall is still standing? This has to be the most underperforming piece of real estate inside the loop”? Are you talking about that place which is full of big box stores (Office Depot, TJ Maxx and Marshall)? If you thought that strip mall is dead, I don’t want to think what you think of certain strip malls, like the one at Westheimer and Montrose (the one with 1/2 Price Books, Spec and that gringo Chinese place) or the one at Shepherd and Richmond. These 2 are in what one might consider prime real estate, and still have a high vacancy rate for many years.

  • Still sorry they knocked down Shipley’s Diner at W.Gray @ Dunlavy…