Mandell Montrose Midrise Developer Officially Calls It Quits, Offering Up Land and Leasing Office for $2.6M

The development team that had hoped to put a 7-story, 24-unit condo building dubbed Mandell Montrose on the corner of Commonwealth and Fairview streets appears to have given up entirely on that effort now: 3 days ago, the property — which includes the house-turned-leasing-office pictured above — was listed for sale at a price of $2.6 million. It’s the second condo project that failed to get off this particular ground in the past 2 years. The seller Midtown Uptown Development Partners picked up on the site after a different developer’s plans to put an 8-story building called Flats on Fairview there fell through.

The good news is that this porch view from the adjacent house remains totally unobstructed:


Absent previous signage — which appeared to have fallen off the 1920s-era building last summer — it’s starting to look a little more like the shady 3-bedroom home it was originally:

Up for a swim?

Combined with the 12,000-sq.-ft. vacant plot on the corner, the parcel taken up by the house brings the total acreage of what’s for sale to just over 0.4.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (Sales gallerly sign); HAR (all others)

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