Map, Drawing for Yale St. Retail Development Not Active Plan

MAP, DRAWING FOR YALE ST. RETAIL DEVELOPMENT NOT ACTIVE PLAN This map from retail advisor UCR Houston that Swamplot reported as a potential site for retail development does not represent an active plan, says a company representative; UCR is not marketing this property on Yale St. north of I-10; it does not represent, and has never represented, the property’s current owner. The map and drawing reported this morning were created in November 2011 during a “conversation about the property,” says the UCR representative, but were “tossed.” The representative “really just [doesn’t] know” why the flyer was still on the company’s website; it’s been removed. [Previously on Swamplot] Map: Swamplot inbox

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  • Bummer. All those outraged comments on the retail layout posted by the enlightened group gone to waste.

  • I hope they open a Latino strip club on that location!!!

  • Looks like the God of crappy strip mall oversaturation has spoken.

  • I’m sure whatever ends up on this site will be similar to that design. Question for the people that complained about the design and lay out, what would you like to see built on this property ?

  • sux, nothing to bitch about

  • John: I don’t mind retail development there. It’s just “ugh” to another strip center that looks exactly like what is just south of there. I think that apartments won’t work- who wants to live that close to the feeder? So, if I was a developer and could choose, I would put a midrise office building with retail/casual restaurant on the bottom, maybe another small, frestanding building next to it. Parking next to the freeway, usable green space on the north, i.e. the grassy section between the Yard House and Ruggles green at City Centre. Or a nice, small hotel. If people want to stay in the Heights or WashCorridor area, there are no close, nice hotels. I think a nice (large) hotel and a movie theater should have gone in where Walmart is… but that’s just my wish list. Everyone has a lot of ideas. Well, except the developers. They seem all out of fresh ideas.

  • John – didn’t complain but: need the turn lane and would love some nice adult AND kids clothing stores. There are no clothing stores in the heights and I hate going to malls. Most anything will be better than the junk that is there now but wow, the traffic is going to make Yale a further nightmare as it is impossible to get in/out of the heights during rush hour. Also, it would be nice if they could tie into the existing bike path somehow.

  • Love the strip club idea…as long as it’s something in the higher quality bracket.

  • Thank the maker that the current tin shacks are not going anywhere, to remove such character from the Heights would be inexcusable, unless they put in a bucees.

  • BTW, that site is environmental hazard and needs $4M in remediation before it is ready to develop…that’s why they are no longer buying it….why are the people on site so easy to fool?

  • @Beast: The Walmart site was way worse than that site. The big problem for that site is that it is in the flood plain. It will have to be built up several feet to get permitted and insured.

  • Bummer. I was counting on the reported right turn lane being added there.