Maplewood Front to Back

Picture windows street-side align with sliding glass doors across the back of this 1961 home, so there’s a front-to-back fishbowl view through the living room and into the covered patio beyond. Other windows in the 3-bedroom, 2-bath home are smaller and higher.

This 2,064-sq.-ft. home is a new listing, asking $264,990. It’s located on a 7,800-sq.-ft. lot north of Willowbend Blvd. near Mullins Dr. in the Mayerling Meadows neighborhood of Maplewood. Having hit the half-century mark, it appears to have had a little work done:


The kitchen has electric appliances and Formica countertops.

An extra room off the kitchen has been transformed into a houndstooth and striped office:

Unlike most houses on this street, which have detached garages and straight-shot driveways, this property’s garage links to the back of the house. Since the driveway occupies much of the back lot, most of the home’s lawn is right out front. Near the back fence line, there’s a small gazebo (left foreground):

The neighborhood’s annual maintenance fee is $330.

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  • Since when is this area called Mayerling Meadows? I thought it was Barkley Square. How embarassing, i don’t know what my own neighborhood is called. I can’t keep up with these things.

  • Area is really called Merylan Estates