Marathon Oil Tower For Sale Again; Grand Texas’s Waterpark On Its Way; Theater Complex for Montrose

Photo of mural by Pixel Pancho at the HUE Mural Festival, AG Antiques, 313 W. 19th St.: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • What’s Grand Texas’ theme again? Oh right, Deliverance and a hillbilly’s wet dream.

  • Grand Texas’ Theme will make Trump supporters feel right at home.

  • “The park’s theme is based on Texas history, including Spanish, Mexican and German influences. ”

    ^^what we cant have texas history now without being called hillbilly racists?

    ^^you two whiny posters above should take a permanent vacation to mind controlled californication la la land….

  • Re: Grand Texas Water Park
    From the puff piece on ABC13’s site, it says that it will reflect Texas’ “Spanish, Mexican, and German” influences as part of a modern-day Six Flags Over Texas theme. The other 3 flags not mentioned were French, Confederacy, and USA but the Confederate contingent will be represented I’m sure by decaled trucks in the lot and we’re all Americans now.
    So, the French influence on Texas is left out. Mon Dieu!

  • There is something like 20,000 people that live in New Caney. Who exactly are they building the dream park for, this smells like a way to fleece the investors that havent already gotten on high speed rail.

  • Sick and tired of “Texas” view of history, which is generally over blown bluster. No thanks, have no plans to attend.

  • Love all the stereotypes of Texans. Keep up the good work!

  • what the hell is “new caney”? And why would someone live there?