Marks LH7 Ranch Church Finally Making Itself Comfortable at New Home in Iglesia Sobre La Roca’s Back Yard

Little White Church on property of Iglesia Sobre La Roca, 433 S. Barker Cypress Rd., Kingsland Estates, Houston, 77094

The Little White Church that fled the Marks LH7 Ranch in 2012 when the land was sold to developers appears to be finally settling in at the new digs — a reader sends this photo looking west  from Barker Clodine Rd., on the back side of the property of Iglesia Sobre La Roca where the building scooted to. The Little White Church is now a few shades whiter thanks to a new coat of paint, and appears to have gotten a big brown porch for Christmas. Eastgate Ministries moved out of the building to a country club in Katy in early 2014, after 15 years of using the building.

Meanwhile, back at the Marks LH7 Ranch (just across a long driveway to the south of the Church’s new home, and west along Kingsland Blvd.): the Vue Kingsland Apartments, the Aldeia West Apartments, and the Ryan Homes at Arcadia have all risen on the former state archaeological landmark, where a ranch-themed development was once promised.


The ranch as established in 1907 by Emil Marks, whose family became one of the 7 credited with preserving the Texas longhorn from extinction.

Photo: Swamplot Inbox

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  • Minor nitpick, but the neighborhood at Kingsland and Barker Cypress is called Arcadia, not Acadia.

  • Thanks, Brian! It’s been fixed.

  • It took the Government about 80 years to finally force my family to sell every acre of our ranch. I hope that the new residents of these apartment complexes keep the land clean and enjoy every minute of living there.