MaRS’s Answer to Chronic Board Meeting Nappers

Design for convertible sitting  and standing conference table from MaRS

First order of business at all future meetings around Motile: achieve full consensus on table height. The rendering above from Mayfield and Ragni Studio shows the Houston architecture and design firm’s plan for an adjustable conference table, allowing working teams to alternate at will between sitting and standing (so long as they can unanimously agree on exactly when to do so). The table is headed for this summer’s NeoCon design trade show, where it’s in the running for a HiP award; if you like the idea, the trade show’s online voting system appears to still be operational (though the voting period appears to have formally ended yesterday).

Renderings: MaRS

Table the Motion

4 Comment

  • If you’re a chronic napper in a board meeting, your board is likely irrelevant. The “world’s most luxury ping pong table!” got my vote –at least it would be fun wasting time.

  • The height should change at random intervals. It goes for weeks at the low height, then suddenly at 9:15am it pops up, only to drop half way 10 minutes later. Keep those spud boys on their toes.

  • Be good for beer pong.

  • Yes, because it’s not like any given office would have 6’+ tall people in meetings with 5’2″ people….