Matters of Size in the Hobby Mansion in Braeswood

In the market for a historical home inside the Loop but just can’t find one that fits your budget? Why, here’s the 6-bedroom mansion that former Houston Post publisher and Governor William P. Hobby had built in 1929 — it’s only $2,385,000! And it looks nothing like an airport! In Braeswood, just a few blocks from the Med Center, the stately Tudor at 2115 Glen Haven has been available since the middle of August.

Wanna get closer?


The 6,331-sq.-ft. home was designed by Harry D. Payne. It’s just across Main St. from the bike trails along Brays Bayou. County records show that it was remodeled in 1995. Inside, there’s plenty of room to spread out, and plenty of rooms to spread out in:

The living room measures 34 ft. by 19 ft.

The parlor measures 21 ft. by 15 ft.

And the library 24 ft. by 17 ft.

And the dining room 28 ft. by 17 ft.

All 6 of the bedrooms are upstairs, including the master, which is about as big as an efficiency in Montrose at almost 300 sq. ft.:

The rest of the bedrooms and baths:

Through a gated driveway, at the rear of the house, is a 3-car garage . . .

. . . and what the listing names the “Governess Suite,” which county records show was built in 1998:

Which has its own kitchen and 1 bedroom:

The lot is 30,861 sq. ft.

The asking price comes with a $100 monthly maintenance fee.

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  • I have been needing a place to put my governess for a while. If there is any wiggle room in the price, I am prequalified at $350k.

  • It’s close to Main St. Like the old school construction & details.Nice size lot.LIke the master bath shower. The kitchen is spacious.And the library:could do some serious work there.

  • Wow, HCAD has the house appraised at a tear-down bargain value of only $157,766. And the land price has not changed since at least 2009. I wish HCAD would appraise my property as favorably.

  • Great house, great location, and great pedigree, the trifecta, who could ask for anything more!

  • The people who like this place and people who can afford this place usually exist at the opposite sides of the spectrum. It’ll sit for a very very long time.

  • Meh.. no more than $500K.. It only has a 3 car garage. Call me!

  • hot damn that’s some over use of HDR. Seriously realtors. Knock it off already…

  • no helipad? wtf

  • I love it. Classy. Elegant. Who would want a McMansion over this. All it needs is a good decorator and another two million

  • It’ll make an excellent teardown for a 40 year old hedge fund manager to build his third wife the Tuscan-inspired manse they’ve always dreamed of.

  • Love the casement windows.

  • Really cool house, I’ll bid $351K.

    Ditto the HDR comment, and also, when you have a house with gigantic rooms, the over use of wide angle shots just looks bush league.