Mattress Store Conquest of Westheimer Continues with Hollywood Food & Cigars Takeover

Renovations at 202 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston

Neighbors and passers-by have been curious about the renovations taking place at the strip center at the corner of Lower Westheimer and Helena St., where the Hollywood Food & Cigars #3 convenience store at 202 Westheimer Rd. — and its neighbor Tejas Bootskicked off a couple years ago. The building, once home to Baby Giant #2, has recently been painted a bright white; its sign has been denuded, and sidewalk reconstruction work is underway:


Renovations at 202 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston

Now a source has sent Swamplot evidence indicating that the property’s future tenant is none other than Mattress Pro, the also-brand owned by mattress giant Mattress Firm. If this is correct, this new Mattress Pro would take up residence a mere half-mile east of the newest Mattress Pro, which recently opened adjacent to a new Mattress Firm at the corner of Westheimer and Montrose Blvd., in a strip-center spot formerly occupied by Blockbuster Video. Whether Mattress Firm and Mattress Pro plan to move in next to each other in the 202-208 Westheimer location as well is unclear.

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From Baby Giant to Mattress Pro?

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  • This is an exciting time to be alive. The invisible hand of the market has determined that what we need most of all are a whole lot of mattresses. Soon we will be happy.

  • You have to be kidding me – nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnO

  • sounds like the death of retail as we know it to me

  • I’ve just about had it.

  • MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • With that many mattress stores I think there are a lot of mattresses being dumped pre-maturely. I’ll take a used queen size set lightly “peed”.

  • When it comes time to buy my next mattress, I will walk into one of these places and tell them that the mattress shop 2 blocks down offered the same mattress for 40% less. If they don’t match it, I walk. Once they do, I will walk down to the next mattress store around the corner and demand 50% off. Etc, etc.

  • Its a Mattress Revolution! How on earth did we ever survive before all these Mattress stores.

  • I would love to read some of these mattress store leases. If all this starts to collapse how will they escape? I doubt they will be allowed to just walk away. I’m thinking bankruptcy would be the out.

  • When I get ready to buy a new mattress, I’ll shop anywhere EXCEPT a mattress store.
    A friend told me that these type stores recycle the “try it for 90 days” mattresses that get returned. All they do is have a new cover put on and out it goes again to a new buyer.
    Does anyone here know anything about that practice?

  • I am going to buy my next mattress online just to spite this trend…..and I probably won’t notice a difference…which is what scares them so much. Maybe that is why they want to build so many stores?

  • what’s a map overlay comparison to mattress stores and cell phone stores? probably relative. how many of you actually pay for your cell phone up front and don’t finance it’s cost over a 2-3 year contract period? how many of you bought your car at cash value? ……… what’s a good nights sleep actually worth to you and how can you afford to pay for it?

  • Can’t stop, won’t stop.

  • Crap! Mattress Firm knows something about that area that we don’t.

  • Have all the NYC transplants brought their bedbugs with them? Are sloshed sorostitutes slowly spreading the infestation from one wood-frame midrise to the next, aided and abetted by a sea of circling Uber drivers and a phalanx of popped-collar pickup artists? Are we on the eve of the great mattress meltdown of Midtown?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • We’ve obviously been paying too much for mattresses.

    A while back there was an explosion of bagel shops, then most of them closed. I’m guessing we’ll see some of that soon.

  • Whwn my bf and I needed a new mattress we went and tried some out at Mattress Firm and ordered the same one from EBay for hundreds and hundreds less. Those stores are a huge ripoff.

  • I don’t understand. Why would anyone over-saturate their market? Or are these franchises just not communicating with each other??

  • Even I could afford a new bed set, I sure wouldn’t drive out to my old “party” area, to buy a mattress. Mattress Mac, is closer.

  • Now we know for sure that mattress mark-ups are through the roof if they can afford all these premium spots…… I just don’t buy the hype that you should change out your mattress every 8 years!

  • JCA – enough with the Fn mattress stores already. And here I was thinking the space would be transformed to some new and interesting restaurant or an amazingly unique retail space.

  • “Something is happening here
    but you don’tknowwhat it is,
    do you, Mr.jones…”

  • Game changer for the neighborhood.

  • lololol. You’ve got to be kidding.

  • So, when the mattress revolution finally goes bust – does that mean there will be enough mattresses to cushion the blow? :P

  • Oh yeah baby: We’ll be like a bunch of fun house patrons,bouncing on all of those new mattress sets about to be sold in the Greater Montrose /Neartown area…Obviously Mattress Firm thinks all of the new are a residents will be in the market for new /upgraded beds / furnishings. We’ll see which store(s) close(s) first.

  • wtf are you freaking serious? This has got to be a joke.

  • Its official. Saw a sign up last night. At least half of it will be a Mattress Pro