Maybe Once the Astrodome Reopens Charlie Sheen Will Rent It Out Again So He Can Shag a Few More Balls

County Judge Ed Emmett says he’s ready to move forward with that idea for renovating the Astrodome he floated a couple years back: turning it into a big open air-conditioned space that could be, you know, used for events and stuff. Emmett’s plan would require replacing the roof, maybe removing the seats, and spiffing up the grounds for indoor festivals. But he’s promised to work closely with the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation — the same organization that’s favored far more complicated ideas for reusing the Dome over the decade it’s spent supposedly studying the issue. Emmett says he’s hopeful Harris County commissioners will have a plan ready within a few months; voting on a bond to pay for the changes could take place as soon as a year from now.

Photo: James Harrison

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  • Yesterday, County Judge Ed Emmett said it’s time for the public to decide what to do with the Astrodome and maybe in a year we can vote on those options they’ll present us (and on the bonds needed to pay for them). What about TODAY and what about the ideas the public have BEEN giving them? Ten years of elected officials doing NOTHING equals $44 million dollars of wasted taxpayer money ALREADY plus the $40 million bonds still owed = $84 million to date. Oh, and $50,000 for a study for the science/technology idea. Yesterday was just more spin and no action and passing the buck back to taxpayers! This is about lack of fiduciary responsibility by our elected leaders. I can’t believe there is not more outrage. Commissioner Steve Radack is okay with continuing to waste $2 million (he says) every year until the economy improves. Well, maybe he’ll pay my property taxes for me?

  • And by the way, they don’t need to rip out the seats or plant grass or whatever inside the Dome. That costs money – – mine and yours! Just fix the leaks and code violations, put a fence around the perimeter of that gigantic field so the stadium seats etc. can’t be accessed and rent the field unadorned for ANYTHING that is safe.

  • Nothing will happen till we get rid of Emmett and clean up the HCSA but chances of that happening are slim and none in the near future since most people vote party line.

  • Another example of the different reality the elected ones live in. I like the dome. But there does not seem to be any demand for it’s use. It looks like it may be time to turn it into more parking for Reliant.

  • I was born in raised in the city and the Dome brings back so many good memories, I love it. Having said that, just blow the damn thing up already.

  • The Dome is the perfect example of, by refusing to allow its use, making it obselete.
    Sad, sad use of an amazing building built 20 times stronger and more efficient than the monstrosity built next door that shadows it- what a waste of the greatest designed building in the whole region— DB

  • Tear. It. Down.

  • Quit Bagwelling the Dome!

    Bagwelling? That is when you keep something around for sentimental reasons long after it has served its purpose. Like an old pair of worn out jeans.

  • Or Jeff Bagwell.

  • @Cynthia, what makes you think that if the dome were just simply “brought up to code” that anyone would want to use it? No one wanted to use it back when it was usable. HCSC thought that monster truck shows and concerts would still be held in the dome after Reliant Stadium was built, but that didn’t happen because the dome is disgusting and aged inside. I think the cost estimates for demolition are way too high. Seriously, how much can some explosives and a wrecking ball cost?

  • Michael,

    I think the demolition expense is in containing, removing and disposing of debris. I wish they would turn the dome into a large indoor park.

  • Indoor Park? That seems like an oxymoron to me. Who the hell wants to go to a park that is inside a building?

    Pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

  • The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo used it for a couple of years to house the Hideout. Even they don’t want to use it anymore. Yes, it is historic and we all have great memories from baseball and rodeo but nothing is going to be able to bring it back as no one out there wants to spend that kind of coin on renovation. Please tear it down – when I bring people from out of town to Reliant they can’t believe how run down and disgusting the 8th wonder of the world has become. It’s a public embaressment .

  • I did not invent the concept of an indoor park. Have you never seen a playstructure indoors? The children’s museum, galleria and many local malls house such an animal. Many European countries and states with inclement weather have actual indoor parks so parents might have a place to let their children run and play during the winter. Seeing as how many view our summers are just as awful as Nebraska winters, I don’t know why it is such a bad idea.

  • And while they’re at it they can bring back Astroworld too!…Good grief. I say turn the Dome into the world’s largest rock climbing facility. Your welcome.

  • I don’t know why my proposal for the Brewster McCloud Human Aviary never gets anywhere with the commissioners. And I am a bit tired of the manhandling I get from the constables when I start yelling “bird sh–! bird sh–!” at Judge Emmet.

    But seriously, the only way to save the dome is a major act of philanthropy. The cost of restoration and maintenance cannot be handled by any private or public use. Some billionaire will have to come along and be willing to drop tens of millions to do something with it. Any bond initiative will get voted down.