Mayor Parker Clears Up Richmond Ave Shell Station Self Storage Tree Removal Mystery

MAYOR PARKER CLEARS UP RICHMOND AVE SHELL STATION SELF STORAGE TREE REMOVAL MYSTERY Street Oak Tree Stump, 1810 Richmond Ave., Montrose, HoustonStumped by the sudden disappearance of 4 or 5 large oak trees in the city easement fronting a vacant lot adjacent to the recently demolished Shell station at 1810 Richmond Ave, between Hazard and Woodhead? They were chopped down last week, in advance of a new Montrose Big Tex Self Storage facility soon to begin construction on the site. Mayor Parker is on the case, reassuring concerned street-tree watchers: The trees “were in bad health & posed safety threat,” she tweeted earlier today. “Fully permitted removal granted with plan to plant new trees.” [HAIF] Photo of Richmond Ave stump: Kyle Nielsen

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  • Normally I don’t believe the “diseased trees” line (you don’t shoot your grandma when she has a cold). But the center of that stump really doesn’t look too good.

  • yeah, I’m no bottanist, I can’t even spell it, but that stump looks like the tree wasn’t healthy.

  • An oak tree can survive for decades after the heartwood is eaten out by insects. The only living part of the tree is the outer 3-4 inches (sapwood) and it is strong enough to structurally support the tree even with heartwood gone. So no, the insect-hollowed area is not conclusive that the tree was unhealthy.

  • Also… a self-storage facility going up on Richmond… is this another “vibrant” example of “opportunity urbanism”? Or a sad and despicable example outcome not having zoning?

  • Well Mike, when people choose to live in the city in a small apartment, they have to store the Christmas lights and suitcases somewhere 99% of the year. storage it is.

  • I think the “diseased tree” excuse was the most expedient way for the Parker administration to dodge the blame for this one. It’s very unlikely that all 5 were sick beyond the point of being preserved.

  • $10 says the “new trees” will be crepe myrtles or some other nonsense.

  • wait, so does this mean a part of Richmond will actually have a functional/adequate portion of sidewalk for real pedestrian usage? mind-blowing.
    I actually like the idea more storage centers in this part of town though, anyone know how much their 300sqft units go for?

  • I think developers have learned how do deal with these ROW trees now… Neglect them as best as possible, damage through aggressive pruning, and just general sabotage in non apparent ways until the tree dies or is unhealthy enough to cut down without the city raising a fuss.

  • For crying out loud, can’t a storage company come up with a way to build space into a goddam new parking garage? We have to waste good real estate so people can store their precious junk someplace where no one can live?