Mayor Parker Not Backing Beyoncé Monument Idea, but She’s Cool with the Tunes

MAYOR PARKER NOT BACKING BEYONCé MONUMENT IDEA, BUT SHE’S COOL WITH THE TUNES In announcing plans for a fundraising venture that would include construction of some sort of monument to Houston native Beyoncé Knowles, Armdeonce Ventures’ Marcus Mitchell indicated last night that there was  official civic support behind the project. “We’ve gotten support from the city of Houston, from the mayor,” Mitchell told Fox 26 reporter Kristin Kane. “We’re waiting for a very nice letter from the mayor right now.” But if Mayor Parker sends him one, the letter may not include what Mitchell is after. Just out from the Twitter feed of Janice Evans, a spokesperson for the mayor: “Fox is wrong. The City of Houston is not behind, working with or having anything to do with an effort to build a monument honoring Beyonce.” To soften the blow, she adds, later: “But we do heart Beyonce and her music.” [MyFox Houston; Twitter] Photo from Run the World video: Beyonce Online

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  • Who would give money to that?

  • DJ Screw deserves a monument much more than Beyonce.

  • Good. Beyonce is just another average performer.

  • @Ian: Plenty of people would. Be careful assumnig that your preferences are some sort of general trend(s) among people.

  • How about we use that money for some improvement in a at risk neighborhod, Beyonce pays a circle of people to tell her how fabulous she is, taxpayer money does not need to be spent on helping her self image….

  • What a gobsmackingly stupid idea this is. A monument to a still-living pop star who really hasn’t done anything revolutionary for music. Sorry – she hasn’t. She has a nice voice and she’s surrounded by a coterie of talented producers and song writers, but she’s hardly changed the course of music or managed to put Houston on the international music arts map.

    But hey, if this latest publicity stunt of her’s fails, perhaps she could just reattach her pregnancy prosthetic again.

    The shallow deification of celebrities needs to stop. Please!

  • ZZ Top… Lightnin Hopkins???

  • Uhhh… how about putting it in Pearland. They want to be a vacation destination, don’t they?

  • I’m happy to pay for a monument of Beyonce, AFTER she dies, and even then only if her death is premature and only if it entails an inordinate amount of kinetic AND thermal energy. (Neither a house fire or a fall will suffice, but if she falls while on fire, that will do.)

  • I’d much rather see a statue of Etta James…

  • Lightnin’ Hopkins has a historical marker. Donald Barthelme has nothing. I think Houston should honor its citizens that have contributed a lot to the world’s culture–statues, street names, whatever. I have no problem with honoring Beyonce someday–but I think the great artists of the past should be honored first.

  • I advocate a firm rule that requires a waiting period for erecting a monument (including naming something after an individual) to anyone until 10 years after his or her death. If your life was important enough to be remembered then, we can talk about a memorial. This would cure most of the “who the hell was that” situations we see on public buildings and structures (politicians are the worst offenders, don’t you agree?)

  • What a waste of taxpayer $$$ that would be.

  • I’m for giving her a living monument when she comes BACK to Houston, participates in Houston-specific charities, etc. and tells the world how proud she is to have grown up in the Houston area!

    I’ve never heard a word.

    You’d think after piling up a 9 figure fortune, you’d give back.

    Maybe NYC or LA will give her that monument.

    It’s not too late, Beyonce.

    Houston, however, owes you nada…exactly what you gave.