Mayor Parker Wants To Buy Unused Eastwood Elementary School on Credit

Eastwood’s original Rufus Cage Elementary School would become a landmarked “community facility” under a plan announced today by Mayor Parker. The 1910 2-story brick schoolhouse at the intersection of Telephone Rd. and Baird St. last served as a schoolhouse in 1983; under Parker’s plan, the city would buy the building for $100,000 in credit from HISD, which the school district could use to acquire a city property or right-of-way to be named later. HISD’s trustees approved the sale earlier this month, but city council will have to vote on the plan too. After taking ownership, Parker says, the city would pursue a landmark designation for the property and “work with the neighborhood to seek proposals for conversion of the building to another use.” The schoolhouse, a small auditorium, and a warehouse sit on a triangular 28,700-sq.-ft. lot.

Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • anyone ever seen that movie, “The Money Pit”…funny movie.

    When the city’s designated contractor calls the mayor to discuss funding, and she asks when her reconstruction is going to finally be complete, the answer must always be “two weeks”.

  • Finally saw the inside of this building on a tour during the Eastwood Home Tour this month. Has great potential but will need major bucks to rehab. The city could have a potential showplace if it does it right.

  • Just sell it.

  • is this property for sale for ~100k to anyone? I seem to remember seeing a price much higher?

  • I agree with heightslife – saw the inside during the Eastwood home tour… place needs A LOT of work. I was surprised we were even allowed to go in the building without signing some waiver. If redone right, this would be a really cool building.

  • Very cool building.
    Worthy of protecting.
    Regardless of one’s Politics, save this building as you would 250-year-old oak trees.
    You WOULD would’nt you?!@?

  • My wife is an 8th grade teacher for HISD. Teachers are trying to deal with classrooms of 30+ kids, and paying for their own copies and materials, while facing increased health care costs… After expenses, she is almost working for free, thanks to the budget constraints. But Mayor Parker wants to buy a fixer upper on the HISD tab. Awesome.

  • Another politicians grand scheme. It’ll end up cost us taxpayers LOTS of MONEY !!! It always does.

  • A tax payer double dip! One for each pocket. The property owners who live in HISD get hosed because HISD should be able to sell the property for more, and because the city is basically already broke. City of Houston tax payers get hosed because this project will end up costing millions.

  • The folks running the Eastwood tour of this building said the city would most likely be looking to get private funding to pay for the renovations.

  • Call Cherry Demolition! They will take care of the problem at an affordable cost. For less than it would cost to rehab 1 room we can get the land back to its true historical status – devoid of a structure – just like it was before it was built! I don’t know why all you historic building fanatics forget the history of the empty dirt before the building was built. The dirt is far older!

  • Then the birds fly over the empty dirt and drop seeds for nail salons, cell phone accessory stores and quickie loan dives. The city would have to plant chinaberry trees to protect it.

  • @Bill, I’m not sure HISD could get more than $100k for that land. Bear in mind that it is probably worth lot value less demo costs. In the same way that we now realizing that some of Texas’ grand county courthouses are worth preserving so are some of our historic school buildings. Without knowing what the City’s plan is to pay for renovation I would think it is a bit presumptuous to jump to too many conclusions don’t you think?