Meanwhile, Across the Driveway from a North Loop Whataburger

MEANWHILE, ACROSS THE DRIVEWAY FROM A NORTH LOOP WHATABURGER Home Depot Parking Lot, 999 North Loop West, Shady Acres, HoustonFrom reader David Hille comes this report of the latest parking lot pad site takeover: “After a morning run to the ‘Brinkman’ Home Depot on 610 near N. Shepherd, I became curious about the temporary fencing which was being erected around the northeast quarter of the parking lot. So, I stopped, and spoke to a couple of men who were reviewing a fairly large roll of blueprints on the lowered tailgate of a truck. I had a little head rush when I was told that a new Chick Fil-A was about to be erected . . . right there in the parking lot. Makes sense, as I can’t remember that portion of the lot ever being full of cars. A similar scenario took place last year at the Lowes down the street. Part of that property which held a retention pond is now home to a brand new CVS. Prior to that, some of the Lowes parking lot was sacrificed for a Murphy Express gas station . . .” Photo: David Hille

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  • Clearly they didn’t do much market research. This location is known as Homo Depot for a reason.

    Or, perhaps they just want to sell Jesus chicken in the parking lot as a form of protest to Home Depot’s support of happily domesticated gays.

  • There are other C F-As in the midst of parking lots, like the one in Vanderbilt Square. Seems pretty busy, ‘cept on Sunday. Parking is not an issue, since it fronts a Barnes and Noble, one of those brick and mortars being driven out of business by Amazon’s predatory pricing.

  • Or maybe people in the area just want a chicken sandwich. A Chik-fil-a there will do just fine.

  • @Sads, I knew someone would bring up the whole “Chick fil A (supposedly) hates gays” thing in the comments section. I have yet to see any Chick Fil A that has failed where it has opened. Every single one is packed at lunch. One could argue that the Sawyer heights location is closer to a gayborhood than this one will be.

  • I’m sure the many Uncle Tom gays round these parts will be grabbing a chicken sandwich from HateFilA after a jaunt at the HomoDepot.

  • Thought you guys “moderated” the comments boards! Don’t see much real estate commentary in Sadz’s remarks, just a double helping of homophobia, with a side order of religious intolerance.

    Maybe you would like a “do over”?

  • I am super excited finally a Chick-Fil-A! I am gay and will be going there to eat. If I didn’t go to every establishment that didn’t agree with my life then I might have no where to go. Just saying!

  • Oh yeh. I go to this Home Depot all the time and that place is just teeming with the gays….. a lot of gay DIY’ers out there y’all. Be careful!

  • Progg…..”teaming with gays”? “Be careful”? Hope you are joking………

  • LOL. Al just called a gay Christian man a homophobe and religiously intolerant.


    Nothing homophobic about calling this store Homo Depot as a *joke* because that is what most of my gay friends (and my gay self) call it.

    Chik Fil-A is not “supposedly” homophobic. They ARE homophobic, and proudly so. Homophobia hiding behind Jesus and/or his chicken is still homophobia. And that’s a fact, Jack.

    Oooh. Jack in the Box. Now that would be a welcome addition.