Meanwhile, from the Empty Deck by the Filled Pool of the Not Yet Open Hotel Alessandra

Here’s a shot from a recent hard-hat tour of the Hotel Alessandra, under construction on a corner of the GreenStreet don’t-call-it-a-mall Downtown. The view hints at what a poolside scene might look like when the hotel opens in October, though not exactly: Marlowe, the 20-story Randall Davis Company condo seen rising in the left background (in front of the Hilton Americas), should look a bit less stubbly stubby by then.

Next, a few pics from the Alessandra lobby, highlighting the swervy ceiling:


And the main staircase below:

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top 2 images); Jack Thompson (bottom 2)

And Other Sneak Peeks

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  • It won’t open until October? It looks about done to me. Are they waiting for seeds to sprout on the poolside deck?

  • GL-
    They have very few workers there on a daily basis, so this is no surprise of the completion date. On a given day, you will see guys working on one or maybe two floors at a time. Weird.

  • Too late for the Super Bowl and Houston just isn’t a “hot” hotel market in the summer ….

  • Those arches are decorative, not structural. What were they thinking?

  • That ceiling, especially with the can light in the upside down peak, is just plain awful.