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  • I’m not sure I understand the point of this photo, other than a very small minded attempt at humor. This is a human being. You should show some dignity for yourselves and this person and remove the post.

  • Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

  • Thats their core target customer right there!!!!

  • Seems like some kind of a stunt or a prank, the guy doesn’t look like a regular filthy hobo.

  • The top picture is my new favorite picture of Houston.

  • Well, if that isn’t a perfect image for gentrification in the Montrose.

  • NOO! I thought that the Sidewalk Snooze To Prevent Houston Area Mattress Company Locations was NEXT week!

  • I’m sure this email tipster was sincerely trying to be funny, but I also hope someone at this scene took a moment to verify that this person was actually OK.

  • what is the purpose of this post, other than to show the author’s lack of empathy?

  • This is in rather poor taste, Swamplot.

  • For all the “aww, how horrible”‘s out there. Here is a chance for you to help, more than just trying to shame someone else. Let’s us know how it goes.

  • I have a deep need for this to actually be performance art.

  • I’m going to have to guess that the people who think a photo of someone sleeping on the sidewalk is in poor taste spend most of their times in the suburbs, exurbs, or high end enclaves. This is a regular part of life in Montrose, Midtown, Downtown and even the Heights.

  • @achieve, so because someone doesn’t find this humorous and a sad attempt at humor, it means for them to go out and help? thats ridiculous…

    this is a low post and like someone said this is a human being and not jokeworthy.

  • Man… even I think this blog post is kind of messed up and I’m easily the most conservative person on this website.

  • Oh get over yourselves. It is really an ironic statement on homelessness and just maybe it illustrates a broader point.

  • You keep saying he’s a human being so automatically worthy is something. Being a human being is not an achievement, it’s a actually a bare minimum. Being a worthy, productive, contributing to society human being, now that’d be something worthy of attention and respect.

  • I didn’t see anything that said the photo was humorous. It was pretty much submitted without comment, other than to note the location. The photo is an accurate portrayal of what Montrose is like right now – those are three thousand dollar mattresses, and yet right next to them a man is sleeping on the pavement. Everybody screaming to rip the picture down “for the man’s dignity” does not understand human dignity. The man still has his dignity, and yet he still slept on that sidewalk, and you still have to be confronted with that fact, rather than pretend otherwise. This condition is as old as cities. It doesn’t quit happening, and photos like this are an effective, eloquent, and periodic reminder.

  • Maybe he’s just taking a quick nap before his 2 hour commute to Katy.

  • To the people who are offended – what part of town do you live in?? As previously stated, people sleeping on the sidewalk is in no way uncommon in montrose.
    I love the Internet!

  • Wow, all you touchy-feely types need to get a grip on reality. It’s Montrose, and you don’t even know the story here.

    How did your thought processes become so retarded?

  • Well said Sihaya!

  • Did you really need to publish this?

  • AMLI must have changed the pool gate code.

  • Maybe some of you missed the hi-larious “Mattress extremely firm” banner above the picture. See, it’s funny, because he has to sleep on pavement. Great job, Swamplot.

  • Run the bum off. There are a million other spots he could pick to take a nap instead of there.

  • It is rather ironic though. But what can we do for him now ?

  • Maybe they should send a mattress to the women outside :)