Mecom Fountain: Nighttime Photo Opportunities Return

Mecom Fountain, Main and Montrose, Houston

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to take the perfect dramatic nighttime photo of the Mecom Fountain, act now! The fountain at the middle of the five-way intersection of Main, Montrose, and Hermann Dr. is currently bubble-bath-free and lights up properly at night, thanks to a more-than-$100,000 renovation effort approved by City Council back in November and completed last week.

Back in the fall of 2006, someone had stolen the 264 bronze canisters and light bulbs that lit up the fountains. After staying in the dark for months, it got some help more recently . . . with floodlights from high atop Hotel ZaZa. Maybe now those floods can be turned into motion detectors!

Security measures to protect the Mecom Fountain lights will include additional surveillance by the Houston Police Department, the Hotel ZaZa and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

After the jump, photos of the fountain lit up the way it was and how it’s supposed to be, plus a view of the Hermann Park beauty taking a bath.


Lit from above:

Mecom Fountain Lit by Floodlight, Main and Montrose, Houston

Now at night, it’s back to the way we were:

Mecom Fountain with Original Lighting, Main and Montrose, Houston

Isn’t that nicer? Plus:

Bubbles in the Mecom Fountain, Main and Montrose, Houston


Photos: Flickr users Gary Hunt (top) Carl Guderian (second image) laanba (third image) and mlsnp (bottom)