Former Medical Inn & Suites Site Now Being Revived After Momentary Flatline Across from NRG Stadium

9000 Main St., Reliant, Houston, 77025

That’s 5 stories of sticks now stacked up at 9000 Main St., the triangular former site of the Medical Inn & Suites complex that met its unmaker late last year. The property was bought in 2013 by an entity named Shree Shriji LLC, which shares an address with the Days Inn & Suites near Hobby Airport at 9114 Airport Blvd. The land sits a half block north of Broadmead Dr., directly across Main from Superbowl-prepping NRG Park’s parking lot (the one spanning between Murworth Dr. and McNee Rd.).

The land wasn’t empty for long following deconstructive operations — but another reader did manage to snap a view of the property back in January, when the freshly emptied spot provided a clear view all the way to the since-sold land 2 parcels north, where Regency Car Wash holds soapy court:


9000 Main St., Reliant, Houston, 77025
The car wash’s territory was sold in April; the empty land behind it and back to the south next door to 9000 Main has had signage posted for at least the last 4 years announcing that another car wash was on its way (first Shiny Wash Car Wash, and most recently Key West Car Wash). That project may have gotten a recent jolt as well, following a much longer stasis: the signage has recently been upgraded and tacked onto a new fence:

Future Key West Car Wash next to 9000 Main St.

That’s 9000 Main on the left. Here’s another close-up:

9000 Main St., Reliant, Houston, 77025

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • That car wash thing has me baffled.

  • They are digging and putting pipes in the ground for the Key West Car Wash site, but I think it’s tied to the Regency Car Wash site also as they have closed that site as well. Maybe the car wash is just moving down next to the hotel and they will sell the old location.

  • What is baffling is that the Regency Car wash (currently operating) is literally next door to the spot where the “coming soon” Key West car wash is to be. Unless one morphs into the other, that will be some kind of car wash death match being side-by-side.
    The banner at the fence at 9000 Main says that this will be a Staybridge Suites outpost. A new Holiday Inn Express just opened up about a block south. And, the Millennium Kirby apartment complex opened up a few blocks to the north. I’m girding my loins for added traffic gridlock.

  • Maybe car washes are the new mattress stores: one right next to another, all over town.

  • Major Market: Don’t overlook the Haven on Main at 8700, adding another 256 units to the Millenium Kirby’s 364. Girded loins may be insufficient.