Mediterranean Twins in Bayou Place

MEDITERRANEAN TWINS IN BAYOU PLACE Two replacement restaurants operated by a single owner are now set for the Bayou Place spot Downtown left vacant by Mingalone Italian Bar & Grill when it closed a year ago. Little Napoli Italian Cuisine is moving from its place up the street to share a kitchen with Kabobs Grill Mediterranean Cuisine in the space at 540 Texas Ave. [b4-u-eat; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Mingalone

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  • To further prove how much of a ditz I am, I wasn’t even aware that Mingalone was closed. Seems to be a helluva lot of turnover at Bayou Place. I hadn’t been there in about 4 years. Is there any original tenants left?

  • ARE there any original tenants left. Honestly, I did well in English class, not that you can tell…

  • Hard Rock

  • Went to the Sundance Theaters last week and thought the place was quite nice, for a movie theater. They will even pay for your parking.

    Looking forward to Napoli. Good Pizza and convenient to the theaters.

  • Bubba, I had been to Napoli at its current location a couple of times, back when I had a temp assignment downtown. A bit pricey for lunch every day for me, but the food was delicious and the service was wonderful. I hope the new location doesn’t mean a drop off in business for them.

    I last went to Angelicka to see “The Aviator”. Hadn’t a chance to go to Sundance yet.