Meet the ExxonMobil Neighbors: Tudor in Front, Party in Back

Even without a thatched roof, this Spring home makes a tidy example of suburban Tudor Revival, early seventies-style. The dormers, half-timbers, herringbone accents, and diamond-paned windows associated with that style only face the street. The back elevation has a simpler, lighter, more modern design, focused on a tall exposed chimney. Listed earlier this month at $175,000, the 2,652-sq.-ft. home occupies a third-of-an-acre lot just south of the Willowcreek Golf Club — and less than 8 miles west of the new ExxonMobil campus.


The seventies-Tudor theme extends halfway through the house too. Red brick and dark wood trim, paneling, and cabinetry dominate the first-floor finishes. The double-height family room has a vaulted ceiling. Both the fireplace and the windows flanking it rise to that room’s full height to form the other side of that rear wall with views of the back yard. The room’s other three walls are paneled. One contains the stairwell and built-in cabinetry. Another is partially opened to the kitchen, screened by wooden spindles similar to the balusters of the staircase and upstairs railing.

In the kitchen, the sleek electric cooktop hundles beneath a brick arch. There’s a breakfast bar, plus room for a dining table.

Downstairs also has one of 2 master bedrooms in this 4 bedroom, 2 1/2-bath home. This one has a window seat:

Other bedrooms are in the less-Tudorish upstairs:

In the back yard, there’s a patio and a covered porch.

The Northampton neighborhood, meanwhile, has trails and 3 pools. There’s a $325 annual maintenance fee.

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  • Is it just my eyes, or does the bedspread match the wallpaper and the curtains?

  • Both back porch’s are really ugly

  • @ Random Poster,


  • looks like a lot of house for $175k, our burbs are affordable

  • Random Poster: YES it does match. YIKES !!!

  • Flashbacks to childhood, grew up in a neighborhood full of these things. Amazed this one doesn’t have a pool…

  • so many spindles!

  • I like the house, but couldn’t the realtor have taken the photos before they moved out or waited till they were totally packed and gone. This looks like they were packing up.

    Of course school district and location are evverything.

  • it looks like every bedroom has matching curtians. I remember my parents had this in the early 90’s.

  • It’s not a home without a wet bar.

  • Hundles???

  • When I moved to this subdivision back in 1970 about a block away from this home, the other 7 and 8 year olds used to pilfer wood scraps and bent nails from the trash piles next to these houses as they were being built, so that we could make “forts” in the woods. As they cut new streets and built more houses, the woods receded, and there was less and less “wilderness” to retreat to. And by the time I reached high school, with the advent of Pong and Atari and Commodore 64 and MTV, that subdivision was all tamed and mown and planted and fertilized.