Memorial Day Weekend Flooding; Texas Typhoon Opens in Katy


Photo of Typhoon Texas: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • So 1960 might get widened starting in 2022? Great! In other news, mankind might exist as pure energy by 3056.

  • Also, still can’t figure out what Katy Perry has to do with flood control.

  • In regards to 1960 east, it’s vital they expand capacity not only to address demand now but for future increased demand when the Grand parkway goes in.
    I fear, however, that this design will not be able to even handle the current traffic let alone any future Dayton/Huffman to Humble/59 traffic. Anyone who grew up or lives in that area knows that the all the new homes in Atascocita is choking the neighborhood. Eventually this will impede growth and effect home values.
    If you’re going to rip up 1960, then I suggest they also add grade separation at 1960 business, Timber forest, and either Atasca shores or Pinhurst dr (or both). I would also think making Lake Houston Pkwy an underpass like memorial @ shepphard would be needed.

  • Arrgh. Anybody remember when that was called Jackrabbit Road?

  • ha @ j! Katy Perry
    And why did The Clash want us to Lock the Task Bar ?! way back in 1982, too