Memorial Dr. Baskin Robbins Strip’s Planned Departure Could Make Bank, Retail, Parking Spaces

12740 Memorial Dr., Memorial, Houston, 77024A few readers have written in regarding the fate of the Baskin Robbins and its retail strip neighbors at 12740 Memorial Dr., just south of Town and Country Mall. The building which housed the now-closed scoop shop along with Katy defector Anne’s Salon on Memorial and the local branch of More Hands Maid Service appears slated for a full tear-down and do-over (along with freestanding A-1 Cleaners next door), if plans from Streetwise Retail Advisor’s leasing flier are still on the mark:


12740 Memorial Dr., Memorial, Houston, 77024

The flier’s preliminary layout for the center, shown above with north to the left of the frame, includes a square marked up for bank occupation along with a retail wildcard spot to the south. The layout would knock the total building square footage of the property down from more than 6,800 to 5,000 sq.ft.; it also depicts upward of 30 parking spaces, to the existing center’s 20-something officially striped-and-sanctioned spots.

Images: Dave M. (photo), Streetwise Retail Advisors (flier)

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  • I used to go to that Baskin Robbins a lot as a kid. It was total no frills but good ice cream.

  • I also used to go to that Baskin Robbins store as a child. We’d often go there on Sunday after church and get ice cream cones.

    A shame it’s closed now. The store was in that location for 50 years.

  • I think there are already 5 banks within that immediate area. Wish it was going to be something new and exciting but another bank? Boo!

  • In the 80s the store next to the B-R was a mom & pop electronic store. They sold Sony Trinitrons and Betamaxes. The only place you can find them today is eBay.

  • This Baskin Robbins, the one on Memorial at Winter Oaks and the location in River Oaks on Westheimer across from Lamar High School were once owned by the same people.

  • So a few weeks ago an excavator took a chunk out of the roof of B&R and since then both the building and the excavator are still sitting there, task incomplete.