Memorial Heights Construction Is Out with a Starting Gate


The peculiar scene pictured above, of a freestanding but fenceless gate, greeted residents of the Memorial Heights Apartments near the corner of Washington Ave and Studewood late last week. Demolition of buildings 1 through 6 of the complex, on the northwest corner of the complex, for a planned new 5-story apartment complex atop a new H-E-B market, appears imminent.

In anticipation, workers have been constructing fencing (now attached to the above gate) that appears to be intended to surround a portion of the remaining parking lot of the remaining complex. There’s also this construction going up at the corner of Studewood and Washington Ave.:


Gate and Fence Construction at Memorial Heights Apartments, Memorial Heights, Houston

All residents of the Memorial Heights Apartments buildings 1 through 6, which occupy the future site of the newly planned Buffalo Heights building — and the complex’s dog run — are now out.

Photos: Shaina Z. Pherigo

Approaching Buffalo Heights

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  • As a former (7 1/2 year) resident of building 1, this demo was long overdue. Those buildings were certainly showing their age, and I had high hopes when they built the new building to the South (although I knew it would make it unaffordable for me) But the housing bust of 2008 shut down that plan.

  • @Michael Jones, I haven’t had an up close view of the buildings there in a while, but from the street the complex looks well maintained. Are they showing their age due to an out dated design or do you mean that the buildings are worn out?

  • Those buildings are only about 20 years old at most. You can see on the historicaerials site that in 1995 that was open land, except for the stretch of gas stations and decaying storefronts that used to line that block of Washington.
    I remember when I got a dog from the SPCA on Studemont in 1994, that area was all a rundown former neighborhood with very mature trees. You could see where the streets had been, and I think there was still a haunted-looking house or two in the process of falling down.

  • I heard there will be two 14 story bldgs as well,I’m curious if phase two will include a gym or a city center vibe…anybody know the scoop?