Metro National Gets Its Park Back

METRO NATIONAL GETS ITS PARK BACK That Texas Heritage Park that Metro National created with a land donation 4 years ago? Nevermind. “Roberta Prazak said she was also suspicious of Metro National’s motives for taking back the land, for which they received a tax break when they donated the land. ‘I would like to see the city demanding that these management districts have a master plan for park space,’ she said. ‘Otherwise, it’s just a moving target.’” The small park — one of 3 created by Metro National — is located between Bally’s and Dillards at the Memorial City Mall. [Memorial Examiner]

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  • If this actually gets some of you riled up, then you should be pissed off at Wulfe and Co. for the proposed Boulevard Place project. They had the city issue eminent domain on city parkland so the development could be built on it.

    At least Metro National owned the land originally.

  • Its a nice little park and worth walking through if you haven’t already. It’ll be a shame to see it go – since they are building the high rise condos directly across the street you’d think they’d see it as a selling point rather than just another place to pour more concrete.