METRO Seeks More Input on Transit Plan; Federal Report Links Climate Change to Harvey; $1.1 Billion in Loans for Houston Small Businesses

Photo of Houston skyline from Bell St.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Pride Wall
    Trump supporters. Wonder what they think of immigrants!? What’s their stance on Muslims?

  • If only there was enough spray paint in the world to deface the oppressive “straight agenda”.

  • I’ve only eaten there a couple of times, but I thoroughly enjoyed the food at Jenni’s on each occasion.

    Perhaps it’s time to go back.

  • HIBTK: I’m not a trump supporter but I am very much in favor of a border wall (of which we have lots already, which no one seems to protest it’s existence). And I can share my feelings.
    Personally I think we should 2x (at least) the # of legal immigrants we allow in. And after securing our border, if we decide we need to raise it still, then I’m fine with it. Most conservatives I know very much support the flow of people in and out and understand the value of legal immigration. What pisses me off personally is when I say I’m against illegal immigration and someone replies “why do you hate immigrants?”. Not sure how many ways I can say “I don’t” and “I think we should bring in more”. I just want them here legally so they can be better integrated, have a better shot at success, and we know who they are. You can be pro immigrant AND pro border protection.
    In regards to ‘stance on muslims’, it’s harder to answer as I’m not sure what’s actually being asked. But in general I support anyone practicing, openly, whatever religion they want.