Metro’s Next Real Estate Deal

METRO’S NEXT REAL ESTATE DEAL A tidbit from interim president and CEO George Greanias’s presentation to Metro’s new board yesterday: 2 entire floors of the transportation agency’s headquarters building just north of the Pierce Elevated at 1900 Main St. Downtown have been sitting vacant. For how long? That isn’t clear; the building was completed in 2005. Greanias’s suggestion: the floors “could be leased or occupied by Metro services now housed in other locations.” [Houston Chronicle; Hair Balls] Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Metro, in their infinite wisdom, built that building with limited parking (They imagined all of their folks taking the bus to work. HA! What on earth were they thinking?) which will make it difficult to sub-lease that building. They have been searching for additional parking, including the old Holiday Inn on St. Joseph Parkway, which had it’s C of O yanked after the lower levels flooded in Allison.

  • METRO, proving that idiots can get paid a lot of money to run and spend our money.

  • my main worry here is that in that article this was really the only item raised in talking about reducing costs. if talking about 2 empty floors in your building is one of your main topics in reducing huge budget holes then you got problems. there’s tons of empty floors in buildings all across houston right now since we’re in a recession anyhow.