Michael Cordúa’s Home Hits the Market; Suburbs See Houston’s Highest Rental Growth

Photo: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Sam Houston Statue Removal Protestors

    They look like a nice bunch of people. Wonder their thoughts on Black Lives Matter, Muslims, and Illegals.

  • Ah, fake news. It’s only hilarious because I wasn’t there trying to enjoy the park with my toddler this past wknd. The last thing i want my family to be around is a bunch of publicly educated folks carrying high powered rifles.

  • We ran into a couple of those chuckle heads on Saturday afternoon at the Children’s Museum. (That is, I infer they were part of the protest from their t-shirts which read in part ‘I’m the indifel Allah warned you about.’) They seemed very out of context in that scene and were a bit rowdy but were otherwise innocuous without their firearms on display.

  • The Sam Houston Statue story was Troll Level 1,000.
    A hat tip to the masters.

  • My sister and I showed up at the statue to troll the trolls – hilarity ensued!

  • Once again dump HBJ for their bullshit trawlers to try and get subscribers.

  • It stands to reason that rentals are rising in the suburbs. Millenials are having kids, but they aren’t in a position to buy their first homes yet. So they rent in the suburbs to be close to the better schools. Meanwhile, there is a garden industry of investors snapping up starter homes and renting them out.
    I didn’t see that the Public Radio study broke out the numbers that way, but I’ll bet that most of the suburban renters are in single family rent houses; not in apartment complexes.
    More than that, I wonder if there won’t be a suburban rental correction soon. It’s anecdotal at best but there is a rent house next door to us in Sugar Land, that has been vacant for almost a year now. It’s a big house zoned to the right schools and the rent isn’t ridiculous. I can’t figure out why it’s sat so long.

  • Re:Memorial Park. Nothing improves greenspace like running a road through it and paving a parking lot.