Midtown Alamo Drafthouse Cinema To Sit on Top of New Milam St. Parking Garage

Triple Tap Ventures officially announced 2 new Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas locations yesterday: One in the fake-Venetian Vintage Park Shopping Village off Tomball Parkway and Louetta (reported back in April), and another in Midtown. The company didn’t provide extensive detail about the planned Midtown location, though: It’ll be part of a new mixed-use development by Crosspoint Properties at 2901 Louisiana St. And it’ll sit on top of a 3-level parking garage. A lobby bar will be visible from Milam St. and feature views of Downtown; there’ll also be a ground-floor lobby entrance.

But a variance request submitted earlier this year for Crosspoint’s development adds to the picture. It included the “conceptual” rendering above — for the new parking structure facing Milam St., one block north of Van Loc Restaurant. A movie theater would sit on the top floor of the parking garage, the variance explained. The parking would serve the theater as well as new retail spaces (on the first floor) and offices (on the second floor) inserted into the 1957 building on the west half of the same block, which faces Louisiana St.:


The variance also included this site plan, showing the location of the new parking-and-movie-watching structure (Milam St., on the right, is mislabeled):

An older site plan, which provides a little more detail on the circulation, is attached to a listing for the development:

Rendering: Crosspoint Properties, via HAIF. Photos: LoopNet and HAIF user DrLan34. Site Plan: LoopNet

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  • Who says developers aren’t building density in Midtown?

    It seems slowly (and naturally) that density is being added as it is needed.

    Great location

  • I wish they would have bought the old Days Inn building and done something with that instead, but this works too. That area of Midtown is kinda desolate, save for the yuppieville with the sushi bar and pizza place.

  • Why is a variance needed?

  • Desolate?
    I take it you don’t like Vietnamese food then.

    Plus, it’s within easy walking distance of both the big Spec’s and the mixed-use development on ELgin that’s home to Piola, etc.

  • Yes, 13 years after buying my Midtown townhome I can walk to the movies!

    Too bad I moved 7 years ago.

  • I have never understood why it took so long for someone to build one of these inside the loop. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • Love it!!!!!!!!

  • I like it, and I agree with craig that it is too bad nothing can get done to the abandoned hotel, not to mention the empty lots in downtown. Maybe someday…

  • Not sure how long it has been since Craig has been to midtown, but there is a lot more happening now. With Specs, Camden, the new Camden, The Calias, 24 Hour Fitness, and a bunch of walkable restaurants…midtown is really growing in that area. There is already plenty of living, eating, drinking, and now some entertainment moving in. It is even close to the light rail for anyone from downtown to the med center. Great to hear! I wonder when the rest of “The Mix” project will break ground along Elgin and Louisiana.