Midtown Apartment Developer Could Outdo Itself on the Other Side of La Branch St.

MIDTOWN APARTMENT DEVELOPER COULD OUTDO ITSELF ON THE OTHER SIDE OF LA BRANCH ST. The developer with a 7-story apartment complex underway at 2111 Austin St. “is debating putting a 12- or 20-story high-rise on a second piece of land” across the street,” its president tells the HBJ’s Fauzeya Rahman. Winther Investments bought both the formerly vacant parcels in 2013 and broke ground on the first project last June. It’s going up catty-corner southwest of the St. Josephs Professional Building off the Pierce Elevated. [HBJ ($)]

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  • Another behemoth, fugly fortress with no pedestrian to street interaction or ground floor retail. No thanks!

  • the only reason ever NOT to build an apartment is lack of site, debt, and or equity. They probably have all of these, so no reason NOT to build also. Good dirt, too. By the time they deliver, whatever is going on in the market now won’t be then. Easy decision to make, and if all else fails, they open to a dogsh*t apartment market and just have to grind it out to get stabilized for a while.

  • TryAGain the second building will have GFR, calm down.

  • Need to get rid of the Greyhound bus stop. that immediate area is always a mess and seemingly dangerous.

    Move Greyhound to Eado/third ward. near a rail stop.

  • Where to relocate the bus stations, the homeless/industrial complex and the drug rehab/industrial complex away from Midtown is a vexing question. I would not personally wish any of these on the 3rd ward or EaDo.

  • They need to move Grey Hound next to jail or Police station.

  • there is some open land on bissonnet and ashby

  • Nothing says “Midtown” like the iconic Greyhound Station. Not an inch! All those TDC repeat offenders with the new coat and bus ticket have used that facility as a jumping-off point for decades…They’re home! And, of course, many DO choose Midtown-proper as their new home…of sorts.

    Folks, let Midtown be Midtown, and don’t mess with its historic heritage of half-way houses, missions, bus stations and potentially violent street folk. Don’t try to shift all those amenities to a less-deserving ‘hood.
    If you want to develop (or God-forbid, live…) in Midtown, you’re just going to have to deal with it. For the next 10-20 years, easily.