Midtown Common Moves Forward; Ellington Spaceport Loses Out in Blue Origin Bid

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The NY Times sure loves to write articles bashing Houston, don’t they ???

  • Houston needs a good bashing now and then, and being an outsider is often an advantage because they don’t have local ‘blinders’ on. I welcome any media that identifies potential problematic issues or ways to improve the city for if they aren’t mentioned then nothing will change.

  • @XCellKen: No, they don’t. I’ve seen the Times tout Houston’s restaurants and its arts scene in various articles. Apart from that, the piece is spot-on about Manchester. The air smells like melted, burning plastic, and its toxicity is no secret.

  • Failing NYT. FAKE NEWS!!! Chemicals are good for you!!! #MAGA

  • Yes, MAGA. That’s why I voted for Bernie Sanders !!!

    Old School:Seriously, Strawman much ???

    How bout this? i am a logical, rational, critical thinker. I am , dare I say it, a MODERATE INDEPENDENT!!! It is possible to dislike both NYT AND Faux News AT THE SAME TIME !!!

    That being said, I am willing to entertain the notion that I may be a tad too sensitive on this topic. It might be nothing more than an EMOTIONAL reaction. I mean, just last year, a “friend” on Facebook sent me a link to a NY Time article about our two floods in less than two years. Perhaps my memory is fuzzy , but then tenor of the article was that we DESERVE to die in floods, cause we vote for Republicans, and they deny Manmade Climate Change, and besides, we are so stupid, we built our city on a swamp (Thanx, Allen Brothers from NEW YORK), and we have no zoning. Yeah, I know, most of the flooding occurred in the burbs that have zoning up the rear end, but whatever. Sorry, I don’t have a link to the article, cause I deleted the entire thread. But perhaps I have a burr up my butt cause my addled brain might be confusing the article with the numerous trollish comments which followed.

    Houstonreader: I would LOVE to read those articles. Have any links? And I would not be shocked if said articles contained any condescending remarks used as faint praise !!! Most articles about Houston do exactly that.

    Now back to the NY Times. Where I can read effusive praise about one Linda Sarsour, what with her Women’s Rights ways, and how Islam is pro woman !!!

  • @XcellKen: below are some links to NYTimes articles about Houston, mostly about food, but also including a piece on the 2015 flooding and one on 3rd Ward revitalization. These are informative and unbiased pieces, so I’d agree that you probably have a burr up your butt, and that you’ve confused trollish comments with NYTimes reporting.