Midtown Restaurant Reopens After Fire

Wasn’t it just Monday that Mai’s Restaurant on Milam St. in Midtown burned to a soggy crisp? And the owners said they’d rebuild . . . somewhere.

What timing: The very next day, the other fire-singed Midtown restaurant reopened for the business. Brennan’s of Houston had its battle with flames almost a year and a half ago, right in the middle of Hurricane Ike.

The brick Brennan’s building at the corner of Smith St. and Stuart — as reconfigured by Studio Red Architects — now features a slightly smaller courtyard (and a new but smaller tree to replace the vintage 1970 oak the fire killed), but restores a few original elements — including several large arched windows — from architect John Staub’s original design. There’s a new “courtyard bar,” too. The 1930 building originally housed Houston’s Junior League.

Photo of Brennan’s of Houston Restaurant, 3300 Smith St.: Jay Lee

3 Comment

  • Good for the Brennan family! I haven’t been to the one in Houston, but have enjoyed all the restaurants different members of the family have opened in New Orleans.

  • The Houston Brennan’s was superb and I have every expectation that the resurrected version will be as well.

    I would like to know how James and Katherine Koonce are doing–they were the ones seriously burned in the fire.

  • So glad they’ve rebuilt, and look forward to spending an evening there quite soon. From what I’ve heard, the decor inside and what’s on the menu are both spectacular.