Midtown Retail Ensemble: The Continental Club Crew Expands North

The tiny urban island clustered around Midtown’s Ensemble/HCC Metro station has grown. Three new businesses on Main St. just north of Winbern will celebrate official grand openings this weekend, expanding the little block of happenin’ north of the Continental Club. Carved out of the rehabbed single-story building at 3622 Main St.: New retail outlets My Flaming Heart and Shop-o-Rama, plus Natachee’s Supper ’n Punch, a food, bar, and concert venue that features a large vacant side yard currently occupied by the owner’s horse, Lacy, and a kiddie sandbox. (Eventual plans for the yard call for a patio and awning, picnic tables, an outdoor bar, and a small stage for live music.) Also moving into the Winbern side of the building, from the block to the south: music and tiki exotica outlet Sig’s Lagoon. (The old Sig’s Lagoon location is being converted to a “Mexican wares” store.) A coffee shop and a rockabilly-themed combo barber shop, beauty and tattoo parlor are planned for the 2 remaining spaces in the 100-ft.-by-100-ft. building, though currently they’re being used for construction storage. The mix is modeled after stores on South Congress around property owner Bob Schultz’s original Continental Club in Austin.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • This is great! I wish all these business the best of luck. I live in the Westmoreland area (just a few blocks west) and walk down to Tacos a go go and Tafia all the time. I love seeing development in the area.

    I hope I can help them out by making those ugly Skyland buildings a bit better.

  • Skyland/Skylane. Oops (no edit button). Not that they’ll be called “Skylane” much longer…


  • Good to see. Wish there was more of this in Houston.

  • Natachee’s has great food. I’ve been three times already (just got back from it right now) and each time has been excellent. It’s one of the most unique places to eat in Houston considering Lacy and the sandbox. I was impressed with the number of kids that were there.

  • Interesting. There’s also the new Zimm’s on Richmond near the spur. Are we looking at the next entertainment corridor?

  • it’s been one of the best blocks in town for years now so nice to see it growing. hate to use an austin comparison but it’d be really cool if it turned into our own little congress st.

    i’d say zimms has nothing in common with this area though, or at least one would hope not.

  • Cool Stuff.

    It’s a surprise there isn’t more in a city this size.

    Oh… this is Houston.

  • I like these businesses, but I love these Swamplot commenters…Strive to make Houston unique by copying things found in other cities.

  • Doesn’t the city have livestock laws?

  • My husband and I have always loved spending Saturday evenings at Sig’s Lagoon before a show at the Continental, then grabbing grub at Tacos a Go Go on the way home. We just haven’t been able to do that often enough. You can never have enough tiki.

    May this area take off like a rocket.

  • I’d love to take credit for Continental in Austin but that legendary place in Austin is owned soley by our partner Steve Wertheimer – thanks to Steve and our managing partner Pete Gordon who make the one in Houston live and breath here every day! And thanks to all for supporting us all these years here in Houston. We are looking forward to bringing more Houston based – independantly owned and local art infused shops, etc show up in the area… stay tuned!

  • I LOVE driving down Travis or Main and seeing Lacy the horse relaxing in pasture! Always a nice feeling.
    Bob, Pete & Steve have done a great job, and its great to have them as neighbors.

  • We love this strip. Eat there all the time. We even did a little feature on part of it recently-