Million-Dollar Bellewood Fantasy Ranch Still Dreams of Possible New Owner

Who said looking for a match online is easy? This remade 4,818-sq.-ft. home on a half-acre lot near Hilshire Village was on the market almost continuously from fall 2006 to fall 2008 . . . then again in the spring of 2010, and this year from April to the end of June. But you’ve gotta have hope: It’s back on the market again as of last week. How about: 61-year-old Bellewood belle has heart of gold, kitchen counter of granite, master bedroom floor of berber. Grew up in staid suburban Spring Branch Ranch; still inscrutable at first glance, very different on the inside. Dedicated to imagining romantic self, internal growth. Stuck on cul-de-sac, but willing to break down walls to get what I need. Given to recurring fantasies involving candles and wrought-iron balconies; ready to go for baroque if the right offer comes along.


Are ya buying it? More deets: 4 bedrooms, 3 full- and 2 half-baths. Asking $1,099,000. Again.

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  • Lovely home, too bad it’s in the ghetto that Spring Branch has become.

  • Arrest that green room! It’s not beige!

  • Lovely home, too bad it’s in the ghetto that Spring Branch has become.

    Huh, have you been to that part of spring branch? Its zoned to MHS too. No, its not in one of the “villages”, but calling the area its in the ghetto, you might as well call Briargrove the ghetto.

  • Ok, not my taste, but here is an example of beauty on the inside.

  • Move it south of I10 and it would sell in a heartbeat.

  • Move it south of I10 and it would sell in a heartbeat.

    Yeah, because it would be underpriced.

  • From miss_msry:
    Lovely home, too bad it’s in the ghetto that Spring Branch has become.

    My o my
    Do we have someone posting here from River Oaks or what? yawn Not everyone can live in the upscale side of town.

  • I agree with the comments that say this is a lovely home, but terrible area
    And no, I don’t live in River Oaks, and my guess is most of the people claiming that spring branch sucks don’t live in River Oaks either.

  • @miss_msry……it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. House prices have SKYROCKETED IN SPRING BRANCH. Stupid comments from people like you discredit this site. Congrats.

  • $400K over the current harris county appraisal, good luck moving it…

  • $400K over the current harris county appraisal, good luck moving it…

    perhaps you’re not aware of how the hcad appraisel system works and why owners are intent on minimizing the value of their home on there.

    I don’t disagree that its overpriced, but unless there are some major structural issues, its not 400k overpriced.

    Frankly though, Spring Branch north of I-10 is gaining popularity and entry and second time buyers will be hard pressed to buy in to the areas zoned to memorial in 10 years.

  • I live in Spring Branch right now, off of Bingle and right on the edge of one of the villages. I currently rent, with the hope to work out a deal to buy this home from the current owner in the next year or two, but yes the prices are skyrocketing around here. Long Point has some ugly stretches, no doubt, but no major road in Houston doesn’t have some ugly stretches.

    All of the “bad” parts of the area come from the handful of really bad apartment complexes, and they are committing the crimes within their own complex. I absolutely love this area, but because of how popular it’s becoming if I don’t buy my current rental my chances of staying in Spring Branch are sadly slim.

  • Hate those big glass shower doors. All those water spots are horrible.

    Give me a doorless, curtainless entry. A maze shower is what I want.

  • My family has made our home in Spring Branch north of I-10. We don’t live in the ghetto … we live in the barrio holmes! Yes, there are some troubled areas, but there has also been a lot of clean up going on by the local communities. There are many smaller family business around too. I love Houston, you can live just about any way you want.

  • Stopped counting after 138 different mixes of stone, tile, brickwork, granite  and cement, all of those in various colors and styles as well. Even on the kitchen ceiling! Though I’ve no idea what that is. Good structure though.

    Ghetto! Lol. “Me live in da Near Northside, don’t wanna hear what we be called!” Home is where one makes it. Looking for investments? Invest!!   With a million dollar home, sure they could bring one of my ghetto neighbors in there to spit- shine that glass shower door.

  • I’m sorry that design is a hot mess. Looks like they bought bargain closeouts and put it where they could get it to fit. The kitchen island doesn’t match the cupboards but does in the bathroom.

    It’s very eclectic but it’s not charming. Which is required for eclectic to work. If there was an interior designer, they need to be shot.

  • It’s “the Branch”…

  • haha @PYEWACKET2 – you want a maze shower!
    You’d always have that excuse for being late to work: “Couldn’t find my way out!”
    So relaxing to wander around in a curvy, showery wonderland.

  • Kinda reminds me of a visit to The Great Indoors – every style is represented under one roof!