Model Patient Sits, Stays Atop ReadyPet’s Veterinary Clinic Trailer on Stella Link

The bandana-clad figure atop the trailer pictured above demonstrates the type of behavior that’s expected from patients at the ReadyPet clinic, parked and open for business in the parking lot on the corner of Stella Link and S. Braeswood Blvd. While the vehicle itself has been there since late 2016, its rooftop topping didn’t arrive until the following year. Among the services offered inside: ear cleanings, blood work, nail trimmings, vaccinations, and other routine veterinary procedures for dogs as well as cats, despite their lack of representation on the exterior.

The clinic’s location puts it just north of the former Preferred Bank branch indicated by the standalone yellow rectangle on the left in the map above. A bit further away is the largest storefront in the Stella Link Shopping Center, home now to the clinic’s affiliate, the Houston Pets Alive animal shelter.

It took over the former Sellers Bros. grocery store — pictured below — that closed down in the strip in 2015:


Beyond the automatic glass entrance, that space is now overrun with homeless dogs and their handlers, pairs of which can be spotted roaming the parking lot during regular walks.

Photos of ReadyPet: Swamplox inbox. Map and photo of strip center: Weingarten Realty

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  • Locals long had pined for an HEB to land at the Stella Link Center, but now that the area is saturated with HEBs (Meyerland, Bellaire), that ship has sailed. Even after the Brays Project is completed, it will still be in a 1% flood zone, scaring off investment.

  • Houston Pets Alive houses its cats in the Preferred Bank building next to the ReadyPet.

  • @ Knollwoody: I agree completely with your assessment. The Wells Fargo across the street has repeatedly gotten flooded, too. The tellers have told me that their plan was to sell the big bank, drive-through, and lot to a developer but that got shelved due to the persistent flooding.
    With the opening of Bellaire Market and impending Meyerland store, HEB has no use for this Stella Link location. I think this spot is just doomed to the current low-energy use of the pet adoption, Spec’s, Crossfit, the optometrist, and the dry cleaner. On the bright side, there’s never a lack of parking.

  • It would be a good spot for Whole Foods or Sprouts.