Monday’s Trump-Cruz Rally Upgrading from Houston Rodeo to B-Ball Venue

MONDAY’S TRUMP-CRUZ RALLY UPGRADING FROM HOUSTON RODEO TO B-BALL VENUE Citing “huge and unprecedented” audience registration numbers, the president’s campaign announced that his Monday rally to drum up support for Ted Cruz will no longer be held at NRG Arena (capacity: 8,000), but instead at the Toyota Center (capacity: 18,043). Trump said in August he planned to pick “the biggest stadium in Texas we can find” for the festivities, at which Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will also appear. But his schedulers seem strangely to have ruled out the state’s fifth biggest one, NRG Stadium (seats 71,500), which — as Houstonia’s Morgan Kinney noted — sits right across the parking lot from the Arena and remains unbooked on Monday. [Politico] Photo of the Toyota Center: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Still not the biggest: Sad

  • Oh boy. What does God or Jesus say this time?
    “God talked to me in my prayers. He said blacks are dangerous!”

    These people with their religious extremism..

    Enjoy that Bud Light and Marlboro Lights y’all

  • So the Trump Campaign needs to pay minimum $60k to the Rockets for renting the Arena, right (based on the price quote on their website)? Is he on the hook for a cancellation fee to the HCSCC for NRG Center? Nice pay day for Fertitta and the County if so. If Fertitta cuts them a rent break, I’d imagine that’s an illegal campaign contribution?

  • They couldn’t find Kyle Field?

  • Gross! Thank goodness I finally moved out of conservative Texas and into a more politically neutral state now. It’s like night and day! Texas’ state politics and supporters are the worst, if not an utter embarrassment.

  • Womps and prayers. Glad they moved it away from my neighborhood. The cultists can now celebrate their false God with central access to the freeways so they can quickly get home to the safety of suburbia.

  • Why is Roberto not interested in Obamas endorsement? They seem like the same person, cool guys, with rolled up sleeves, that changed their names to something exotic?

  • I would assume the centralized location and abundance of public streets and sidewalks around Toyota Center will make this a welcome decision…for anyone planning large protests. That it’ll be held in place named after a Japanese automaker instead of an American energy company is a nice touch as well.

  • The rumor I’m hearing is people are signing up to intentionally no-show.

  • Imagine the potential for protests. Public streets around Toyota Center. Toyota, Dealers, etc. Golden Nugget, Landrys Restaurants, etc. Houston Rockets. Don’t think I want to be anywhere near downtown on Monday evening.

  • Bocepus, why isn’t Ted interested in the Zodiac Killer’s endorsement? They seem like the same guy, loners with a murderous glint in their eye, who go by an assumed name and have a penchant for expressing a demented worldview in which he himself is the source of all power …

  • AS – Done!

  • Trump supporters with your pickup trucks: please use your turn signals. Or does the Bible dictate how you drive as well?

  • George Soto’s would have this place packed!

  • @Innerlooped: I got stuck at the West Loop for 1.5 hours last time he visited! Blocked freeways really mess up traffic! I’d advised just staying out of that general area tomorrow from mid afternoon +

  • A lot of NPCs on this thread. The algorithm is working as programmed!

  • @HIBTK – you’ve never heard the phrase “Jesus, take the wheel”??

    I’d also seen a significant number of people boosting ticket signups for the purpose of no-showing as well. If those reservations were still being used to gauge likely attendance for venue size needs, rather than to actually mark real reservable seats, the disparity between attendance and size could be… significantly more dramatic. (Not that we’re likely to get an accurate crowd size estimate, of course.) What’s the NRG cancellation fee, again?

  • Sure, the 18,043 will sound like 110,000 once the cacophony of “inner voices” gets a head of steam. So in the end Trump was right – who needs Kyle Field, after all?

  • Story is over 70k ticket requests were in by last week.