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  • These photos must have been done in a hurry, or maybe the agent doesn’t think it matters that she is taking them at the same time that the cleaning lady is there. I appreciate that the house is cleaned regularly, but pictures of mop buckets on the floors and trash cans on toilet seats don’t seem to be the best way to showcase a house. As far as the kids sand box toys, she probably thought it would be a cute way to indicate that it was a very family friendly house.

  • This property has a lot to offer, but neither the photos nor the write-up do it justice. I would fire my agent if she truly believed the best way to sell it was with this description:
    “Tranquel Country living/Entertainment facility with a set up to entertain your guest with stocked lake. Cook house swimming pool band stand waterfalls kids play area lots of xtras A MUST SEE!!!!”

  • Another firing offense is misplacing a decimal point in the sale price listing, then having to go back the same day to correct it, leaving the property with an apparent 90% price decrease.